Tuesday, April 05, 2011

Proud of INDONESIAN food ^^

HEY :D this is my first post in english language ^^ eg1.gif
unbelieveble -_- i think
Cause my english is not GOOD, but not BAD too -^^- *ngaco :P* And sometimes, i use google translate to writte some english world ==' *omygod*
But i just want to learn ^^ ahoyy!! and that's good i think eg7.gif
Okey :D let's see what i want to writte~

I want to read somethings about INDONESIAN food ^^ my nationality food~
I very proud with INDONESIAN food, because the kind of those food is diverse. :D
Like in JOGJAKARTA *ouh yeah my country -ya alloh-*, the kind of food in jogja is very very very very lots :D like 'gudeg', 'bakpia', 'ampyang', 'bubur gudeg', 'krecek', 'jadah', and many more :D
And in Bandung, they have some food like 'siomay', 'cimol', 'cilok', and many many moree :D and have so lot of flour ^^

It's so many, right???
And i think, the INDONESIAN food is strange eg11.gif
And that's make some tourist from many place in the word come to INDONESIA and taste those food :D because it's strange xD

Okey :D i cant continued the post :P because i cant talk any world very well eg4.gif
That's it!! okey bayy.. hosh hosh hosh =='

 imgres.jpeg   Satayy :DD

imgres.jpg   yellow rice xD *nasi kuning -nggak tau deh apa b.ingg nya-

imgres.jpg  Gudegg ouououoououo *that's the egg, krecek, gudeg & rice 

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