Friday, May 27, 2011

friends trouble : (

+ curhaaatttttt +

i hav a friends trouble, : (
its about schoolll... it always about school -_- and the different is, thats my NEW school --' and thats reallyyyyy terrible : O

okay, its beginning at the time when i was have a new friends, and i little forget about my other friends,
actually, i did'nt forget it, but it was suddenly!! i dont know what im doing at that time : ( its make my other friends go away : ( and essentially, its make me hav anothere enemy agaiinnn... its just a terrible live of me.

I HATE IT! i just wanted to add some other new friends, but it was make the old friends feel forgotten. whereas, i didn't do anything! i just want to share my attention to the other friends : ( but SHE think defferenttt!!! oh noooo... : ' (
I will crying now if i too sad, but im not -_-

okay, finish : ( i not too good with my english! its bad!!!

bye : (
sad regard : ratrii


Tiffany Rpb said...

sabar ya:')
hm, coba diajak ngomong baik2 :)

Dita Khusnul Khotimah said...

wah masalah kayak gini juga aku sering kok, mungkin karena kamu terlalu intens mau kenal deket sama temen baru itu kamu jadi menomor duakan teman kamu yang lama.

mungkin sebaiknya kalau punya teman baru, kamu ajak teman baru kamu itu gabung bareng dengan teman lama kamu gitu :)

yang semangat ya ratri :)